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These days it is more necessary to keep the home and work area in a perfect state of cleanliness and organization, practically leading to the obligation to keep all visible and non-visible surfaces clean, that is why our company has been dedicated for 22 years to the attention and maintenance of your home and office, as well as the commercial areas of continuous traffic, acquiring experience in these areas of incalculable value for our clients, who feel like family with our staff, for my part I lead and supervise as well as I participate in the total attention of the client and his requirements, being a pleasure to be able to serve with a lot of good energy, honesty and responsibility our commitments. Our clients are satisfied with our work on their properties, we are here to serve you!!

We Promise You

We guarantee our work 100% the value of your investment in the Cleaning Service is transmitted in total satisfaction, attending to any customer need

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Our Pricing In Cleaning Service

Our prices are based on the continuity and the conditions of the area to work


start at $150

Covers general cleaning, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges, and common areas, floors, carpet vacuuming and ceiling fan cleaning, taking out garbage and replacing garbage bags


start at $220

Basically the same as weekly with more depth in the most used areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and common areas, carpet vacuuming and ceiling fan cleaning, taking out garbage and replacing garbage bags


Start at $300

Basically it would be a deep cleaning, based on the amount of dirt that can accumulate in 30 days, being more meticulous in busy areas and with more flow of people, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, floors and carpets.

NOTE: All rates are tentative until the area to be cleaned is toured and its cost is determined, agreeing on the client’s availability in terms of days and times.

Our Cleaning Services Experts

21 years of experience in the cleaning business